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What & Why

In striving to portray the wonderfully interesting world of dysfunction and imperfection (and hence, the beauty found within), cheerfully kitsch imagery is playfully used in contrast to the deeper, more ominous undercurrents and implications when the surface is scratched.


Primarily a figurative painter, the eyes are often the central focus of the artwork, the rationale being the artist firmly believes in the cliché of the “eyes being the window to the soul”.  In turn, the mouths are painted smaller as “actions speak louder than words”.


Predominantly oil paint, acrylic, and R & F oil pigment sticks are used to paint on cradled birch and canvas.


Born in Canada to Irish parents, her family moved back to Northern Ireland aged 8 and over the years, relocated to several areas of the UK, until moving to Houston in 2012 and then briefly to Salem, Massachusetts, and then finally, Raleigh.


Eclectic yet practical life experiences over the last 20 years have been consolidated, allowing her to create endearing artwork about People. She wishes to celebrate the individual, as they truly are, encompassing all their hopes and frailties.


Currently working from her studio at Artspace in Downtown Raleigh (open Fridays and Saturdays and by appointment).


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